Wilderness offers an alternative to life sold to us as “connected.” We are connected via phones, internet, and television to marketing, tasks, and every fleeting thought of strangers and friends alike, all demanding our time, labor, and attention. Connected to everything, we are connected to nothing in particular.   

Solitude in nature encourages a discovery of what is necessary through a richness of experience, not materials. A naked engagement with the natural world that is the heritage of all humanity; it is an experience offered to all people, rich or poor, gay or straight, man or woman, black or white; a true democratizing experience. I find and connect to myself in the isolation of nature. Being alone in nature demands that I confront the land and myself at their most base levels. There is no phone, no lifeline, and no distractions. It forces a sense of immediacy, intimacy, and sometimes helplessness. The solitude presents a challenge separate from the physical, and I am still exploring what it means to me.   

As it tests, it nurtures, and my relationship deepens. My photos are my love song to the wilderness that has given me a deeper understanding of myself and the unity of our resources, a glimpse into the romance I have with the land. I make photos knowing that the best defense wild lands have from the influences I seek to escape is familiarity and appreciation of the opportunity to experience the quiet of nature.